6" x 10" Full Mesh Vacuum Seal Pint Bags - 50 Pack

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Using VacMaster Vacuum Sealer Pre-Cut Bags instead of traditional food storage, will save you money and storage space, while keeping your food and game fresh. 6 Inch wide x 10 Inch long bag equivalent to a pint, makes these bags ideal for a single chicken breast portion or hunks of cheese.

Our patented mesh technology guarantees superior performance on all vacuum sealers, keeping your food and game fresh up to 5x longer than traditional storage methods. BPA-Free and FDA approved for food storage. Now featuring dispenser boxes, to help you stay organized. Ideal for hundreds of uses.

    • Includes: 50 Per Box – Full Mesh Pint Sized Vacuum Sealing Bags – 6” x 10”
    • 3-mil thick material provides optimum freshness
    • Eliminates freezer burn and food dehydration
    • Bags can be frozen, refrigerated boiled or microwaved
    • Bags are suitable for sous vide cooking
    • Compatible with all brands of vacuum sealers

Reviews (3)

Joseph R Marshall 2nd Mar 2017


Good bags for hamburger just great

christina rodriguez 31st Oct 2016

Full mesh bags

I have a food saver and was never really impressed with their bags/rolls of plastic. I figured I'd give VacMaster a try and I am so glad I did. With these bags I am able to get all of the air out of the bag with no little pocket/bubbles of air left. I really love these, will definitely repurchase. We fish in the summer and use these bags to store the filets so we can have fresh fish in the winter months. They can be in the freezer for months and when you eat it, it tastes like you just caught it that morning.

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