Vacuum Packaging Tool - Multi-Ring Bag Stand Holder

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The VacMaster® Multi-Ring Bag Stand makes filling several bags at once quick and easy! Our stand allows you to independently fill and seal bags, without assistance. Specifically designed to accept 8-Inch, 10-Inch, and 12-Inch bag sizes (pint, quart, and gallon), this useful tool allows you to fill your bags while keeping the sealing area clean. Especially if working with liquids such as soups or marinades, this stand helps guarantee a reliable seal. When the sealing area of a bag isn'’t clean, you are more likely to have failed seals, but there is no need to worry when using our bag stand. It is built-to-last with heavy-duty blended stainless steel and metal construction. The Multi-Ring Bag Stand is the perfect kitchen accessory for food vacuum packaging methods as in cook chill operations and sous vide prepping.


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Spark 2nd Jan 2018

Vac packaging tool

I bought my VP215 vac chamber to package liquids, soups and stews along with all of my sous vide cooking needs. The two smaller rings load 8” and 10” bags easily and even easier to fill the bags once they are on the stand. Unfortunately the Vp215 does not accept 12” bags (the largest ring on the stand). I would buy it for how easy it is to load the 8” and 10” rings. Helpful tool since I pack leftovers in bags and seal them in a light vacuum for guests to take home. They are blown away when I hand them a gift bag with their parting gift left overs in them.

Adam 17th Jan 2017

Revised Review

Well, my bad. I purchased the machine off Amazon and the included bags were NOT from VacMaster. I've since ordered the three sizes of bags off of this site and they work great with the stand. Apologies

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