Black Truffle Season

Chef Eric is enhancing his Poutine with black truffles – also French - currently in season (December – February is winter black truffle season) and a highly prized food. They are known as the black diamond of the kitchen. These truffles have a distinct flavor and smell that is described as a blend of chocolate and earthy flavors.

These truffles are mostly found in France, but can also be found in the United States in areas such eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, Oregon, and in the Napa Valley.

Chef Eric in Toronto getting ready to enjoy Poutine – a dish native to the area. Poutine is a French dish that originated in the 1950s in Quebec. It consists of French fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy.

Chef Eric has a truffle slicer to easily slice his truffles over his food. Truffle slicers are inexpensive and compact and can be easily carried in your bag. If you’re on the road and have access to truffles, use this handy tool to slice them and add that unique flavor to any meal! Because who wouldn’t want to have a truffle slicer on hand during this season? 

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