Fresh Bites Recipe Videos January

Without the excitement of the holidays to look forward to, January can have bleak outlook. We look to one of our favorite things for comfort, food! Of course, with all those resolutions, many of us are feeling pretty motivated and ready to tackle the new year during its first month.

As January is also National Soup Month, it only seemed fitting for our recipes to include a soup, soups close cousin, chili. Soups and chilies are both easy to make in large batches, making meal prep easy. If you can't finish it all, vacuum seal it, and freeze for a quick meal in a pinch later on. 

Two Bean Turkey Chili 

Chili is the perfect dish when you want something "hearty" to fill you up, but you are also looking to keep the meal simple. Ground turkey is a great option if you are trying to stay healthier in the new year and stick with leaner meats. Feel free to substitute with ground beef if you prefer. 

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Soup goes way further than your traditional chicken noodle soup, though I am a fan of this as well. Add the spice you crave with this chicken tortilla soup. This one pairs perfectly with the rest of your taco Tuesday menu.