Homemade Popsicle's for Spring Break

So many childhood memories include eating a popsicle. Spring break is the perfect time to start thinking about our favorite warm weather treats. While there are, more and more options lining the freezer section of the grocery store, poplicle's are crazy easy to make yourself at home. 

When the kids are home for a week out of school, I am always looking for more activities to pass the time and keep them occupied. Making these popsicles with the kids is a great morning activity, and they will look forward to them all day, until they are ready to enjoy. Here's what you'll need:


1. Juice (favorite kind)


1. Chamber Pouches

2. Chamber Sealer

3. Bag Stand


1. Make juice (if you prefer yours homemade)

2. Place chamber pouch over ring on bag stand. 

3. Pour juice into pouch (fill about 1-2 inches)

4. Remove pouch from bag stand, and vacuum seal. Trim off excess bag. 

5. Place pouches in freezer, standing up to keep all juice at the bottom of the pouch, use other objects to prop pouches up if necessary. 

6. When frozen remove from freezer, and cut the top off the pouch.

7. Push up and enjoy!