How to Set Up and Operate Your VP120 Chamber Sealer

The VP120 is one of our smaller chamber vacuum sealers. If you are looking for a chamber sealer for your home and are looking for something that won't take up too much space, this is a great option for you. The videos below help you with the process of setting up your new unit, teach you a little bit more about this machine and show you how to use it. 

1. How to Set Up the VP120
Start with the basics in this how to. If you've just unpacked your new unit this is the first video you should watch! This video covers basics such as powering the unit on and off. 

2. Know Your VP120
Learn more about what makes the VP120 chamber sealer unique. This unit contains a powerful dry pump, which does not require oil. The automatic lid feature of this unit allows you to open and close the lid at the push of a button, no guess work at the end of a cycle the lid will open on its own. 

3. How to Operate the VP120
When you are ready to use your VP120 this video walks you through how to do so! We'll show you how to properly place a bag on the seal bar using the bag clip feature. Remember the bag clip works best when you insert only the bottom lip of the bag inside the clip. 

There's more where this came from; our team is busy at work making more how to videos about VacMaster vacuum sealers and adding them to our YouTube Channel and our Help Center