How to Set Up Your VacMaster VP215

Have you you recently purchased a VacMaster VP215? Did you take it out of the box and wonder, "now what"?  If you are new to this technology you may be unsure how to go about setting up your new toy/tool. Our VacMaster how to videos are here to help! 
Below you will find a video walking you through the step by step set up of your new machine. This will include a description of the various features of the control panel and which settings you need to know. 
The second video will cover the set up of a VP215 with filler plates. The filler plates are in your machine simply to take up space in your unit when needed. Remember you can use one, both, or neither depending on what you are sealing. They just work to take up extra space in the chamber, making your pump do less work to evacuate all of the air. 
For more videos like this be sure you check out our YouTube channel regularly, we're still in the process of making them, but will be adding them continuously as they are completed! For answers to more frequently asked questions also be sure to check out our Help Center