Introducing Fresh Bites Videos

We love food. We spend our days making home and commercial tools, to help prep, cook, and package food. We've been teamed up with Chef Eric Villegas for a while now, and have been together to share a new VacMaster recipe for the Fresh Bites Blog each week. In fact, we've been having so much fun, that we wanted to do more, and take things in a new direction.
Meet Fresh Bites Recipe Videos. We asked Chef Eric to create two simple recipes for us, for each month, and send them our way. Then we had a non-chef prepare them, catching it all on video, to show you at home how to make them yourself.
For October, we couldn't resist giving into the pumpkin everything craze, we asked for two pumpkin recipes, one baked treat, and one soup. Both were easy to make, and delicious to taste. 
1. Not Your Momma's Pumpkin Bread
This recipe was so simple to make, and made the house smell delicious while it baked. The pumpkin seed garnish was clutch, I actually kind of wish we had added more. Follow the link above for the full recipe. 
2. Scary Good Pumpkin Soup  
When fall rolls around and temperatures start to drop a bowl of soup sounds delicious. We haven't had our fall cool down yet, but this creamy Pumpkin Soup tastes great and gets us in a fall kind of mood.