Keep Your Extra Clothes Dry at The Pool or the Beach

Vacuum Sealed Dress

It's pretty easy for everything you bring with you on a pool or beach day to get wet, after all water is the purpose of the trip. I hate loading a soggy family into the car or boat to head home.

My goal is usually for the pool or beach to wear the kids out enough for them to take a nap on the way home, and I know if they are soggy and wet they may not be comfortable enough to sleep well. Besides the napping issue, I don't want to drive home wet or soggy either.

I've always packed a bag with dry clothed to bring with me for water activities, but if the bag isn't far enough away from the splash zone; or if a dripping wet child decides to go digging through it, everything ends up wet anyways.

Our simple solution is to vacuum seal a bag with a dry change of clothes for each person. This way even if the bag gets wet, the contents stay dry. We like to use the zipper bags for this, but as long as you have a knife or scissors and vacuum sealing bag will work. Once we're done playing we change into our dry clothes, and with a little bit of luck enjoy a quiet ride home with sleeping children. Since we use the zipper bags, I put everyone's wet suit in the zipper bag their clothes were in and zip it up to help keep the rest of our stuff dry.

Do you have any random or useful ways you use your vacuum sealer around the house?