Recommended Seal Times for VacMaster Chamber Sealers

One frequently asked question about our chamber vacuum sealers is about the seal time. How long should it be? How often should I change it? We made the handy graphic to help you figure out the proper seal time settings for your VacMaster chamber vacuum sealer. 

VacMaster Seal Time Settings

There are three key rules for vacuum seal time settings. 
1. Once you set the seal and cool down times, never change them again.
Often times people assume that they need to change the seal time each time they set up the machine. This is not necessary.
2. It doesn't matter what you seal, the seal time stays the same (example, chicken, fish, rice, soup, etc...)
The seal time is based on the machine, not the items in the bag, this means that you don't have to worry about what seal time is better for a specific item, set it once, and it is good for everything you seal. 
3. Add one second to the seal time for cool down.
Don't forget to add a second to the seal time to allow for a brief cool down. 

Each of our chamber sealers have a different recommended seal time, check the chart above to see the correct seal time for your machine.