The Difference Between Suction and Chamber Infograph

In the world of vacuum sealing the words chamber, and external/suction are used all the time. Do you know the difference? We wanted to make knowing the difference a little bit easier for you, so we put together this handy infograph. 

Chamber Vs Suction

In the illustration above we made a simple break down of the differences between chamber sealers and external/suction sealers, outlining what they can and can't do, as well as which bags and accessories they can use. For example, both chamber and suction units can seal solid items, but we only recommend sealing liquids with a chamber sealer. 

We've also broken down the bags for you. Chamber vacuum sealers can seal items in a chamber pouch OR a full mesh bag, suction sealers can ONLY vacuum seal items in a full mesh bag. 

Both the chamber and suction units feature a control panel that allows you to change vacuum and seal settings. Lastly the very bottom shows you where the bag goes when using the machine. When using a chamber vacuum sealer, you will place the bag INSIDE the chamber of the machine; when using a suction sealer, the bag remains OUTSIDE the machine. 

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