Using Your VP112S Chamber Vacuum Sealer

You’ve just purchased the VP112S, one of VacMaster’s best-selling chamber vacuum sealers. You bought it because it is an ideal chamber vacuum sealer for home use. Now here are some features about the machine and videos to help get you started.

The low-profile lid on the VP112S is uniquely designed to fit under kitchen cabinets when opened, making it the perfect machine to use and store on your kitchen counters. Most other vacuum sealers will not fit on the counter when cabinets are open.

As with all chamber units, the bag is placed inside the chamber of the unit for sealing. The VP112S has a bag clip that may be used to help secure the bag in place on the seal bar. The maximum vacuum time for this unit is 70 seconds, and the minimum is 20 seconds. You may adjust this setting based on the contents of the bag you need to seal.

This unit is ideal for sealing all your soups, stews, marinades, wet meats, and any other liquid or wet items you may need to seal. Chamber technology has the ability to seamlessly vacuum seal liquids and wet items. The VP112S will do this for you easily.

The VP112S will meet all your vacuum sealing needs. Get started today using your new machine and see how easy and beneficial it is to own one. If you don’t own the VP112S yet, but want to take advantage of all this machine offers, check out our Black Friday savings, for 20% off this machine and receive a free SV1 with purchase.

How to Operate the VP112S Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Sealing Liquids with the VP112S

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