VacMaster® Oil Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine Comparison

Today we are breaking down three of our countertop oil vacuum packaging machines, the VP95, VP215 and VP230. Let's see what each has to offer...

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to giving up valuable counter space or an inconvenience for storage and transporting. While the VP95 is our smallest machine, it's big on features like the ability to control the amount of vacuum by presets or dial it down to the percentage, built in marinating, and an oil cleaning cycle to keep your machine in tip top shape. It is great for anybody that wants to portion single servings whether you’re a professional kitchen or at home meal prepping for the week.

Do we even have to introduce the VP215? Solid construction, easy to use and simple to maintain, there’s a reason It’s our best seller and known as a classic workhorse in the field. You can find this machine fits in every category for end-users.

Did we hear y’all say Bigger, Faster, Stronger? The new MVP, VP230 has roughly the same streamlined exterior and functionality as the VP215 yet boasts a larger chamber and seal bar. This unit also offers more power with its 1/2 HP pump motor assembly designed to withstand heavy use in demanding commercial settings.

Here’s a helpful infographic that breaks down each machines features to help you decide which machine best fits your needs.