Welcome to Camp Sous

Where team VacMaster stays connected while exploring the delicious world of sous vide cooking.

Since the mandate to shelter-in-place VacMaster scrambled to establish logistics for the team to work from home. Looking to spice up our time during isolation they entrusted each of us with a home sous vide survival kit consisting of:

  • VacMaster Pro 350 Vacuum Sealer
  • SV5 Sous Vide Cooker
  • A bundle of pouches and roll bags
  • All to explore and revel in the joys of sous vide cooking!

    Camp Sous Cook-Off!

    Team VacMaster has plenty of knowledge regarding the components of sous vide technology. Yet, most have no hands-on experience with the actual sous vide cooking process. Thanks to our resident Chef Eric Villegas we’ve experienced the scrumptious results of sous vide cooked delicacies. Using his wisdom and recipes as inspiration we will be exploring the use of the devices within the sous vide cycle.

    The Sous Vide Cycle:

  • Place in VacMaster pouch
  • Pick a protein, veggie, or beverage to sous vide
  • Vacuum seal the food
  • Submerge sealed bag into preheated water bath
  • Cook for desired time
  • Finish and serve!
  • Channeling our inner-chef we’ll be challenging ourselves to use the devices we know so much about but have never really used. Join us as we take a dive into the succulent world of sous vide dishes and discover the ease of use for newbies as we earn our badges in aquatic activity.

    See what tips and tricks we came up with and share in our discoveries!