What's Your VacMaster Personality?

There are so many uses for your VacMaster vacuum sealer. We've put together a fun quiz to uncover your vacuum sealing personality, take the VacMaster Personality Quiz now!

VacMaster Personality

Curious about the different VacMaster personalities? The way we see it, there are five core personalities; of course, you could be a combination as well!

1. The Saver

    You vacuum seal in bulk. You love to save money and not waste your food. You're smart and savvy and we like that about you.

2. The Host

    You love to have fun and party. Most of the items you vacuum seal are things that will be out at your party, eve decor. Living life and making the most of it is what you're all about. We can dig it.

3. The Professional

    You either work with food or it's a strong hobby of yours. Your talents allow you to cook in methods with vacuum sealing that no beginners can do. Your authority and skills are great in the kitchen. We trust you to use our sealers to their full capability.

4. The Hunter

    You love to hunt your food. Field to table is something you take pride in and you're good at it. If there is ever an apocalypse we are coming to stay at your place!

5. The Crafter

    You like storing things in your vacuum packaging and if you're not... you should be! Creativity and crafting are your   things. Not only are you able to be super organized, you can have so much more with saving your crafts in VacMaster zipper bags!