ARY 4" Wide Grill Scraper with White Poly Grip Handle ZWP244

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Use this 4" wide stainless steel pan / grill scraper, when you need an effective tool for removing grease and char from your grill or griddle surface.  This wonderful scraper has a 4" wide stainless steel blade that removes grease or baked-on food without scratching your grill's grating. The sharp edge and ergonomic design provides maximum scraping power, so you can clean your dirtiest grill and scrape sheet pans clean. Thanks to this scraper's long ergo white poly handle, your hand remains a safe distance from hot surfaces and minimizes burn possibilities. This handle also offers a svelte and comfortable grip, ensuring you can easily maneuver and control the blade. This sturdy construction enables the blade and handle to work simultaneously for years to come!  The handle is made of a white polypropylene material that meets rigorous sanitary standards, plus a contoured design offers optimal fit and comfort. NSF Certified.

  • 4" high carbon stainless steel blade
  • Precision honed edge
  • Stands up well to food and grease
  • Front hilt guards increased safety
  • Solid single injection mold provides interior tang stability and improved hygiene
  • Out of the box - ready to use

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Additional Info

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White Poly Value Grip