Chicken Thighs Sous Vide Recipe


  • 2 each chicken breasts, skinless, skin on, bone in or boneless
  • 1 tablespoon chicken fat, renedered, see recipe, or butter, oil etc , chilled


  1. Preheat your SV1 to 147F / 64C
  2. Place the chicken breasts into a suitable sized VacMaster bag along with the chilled chicken fat.Using a VacMaster suction or chamber machine vacuum seal the chicken and carefully place in the preheated SV1 for at a minimum of 1 hour and up to 4 hours.
  3. Carefully remove the bag from the SV1, remove the chicken from the bag and use as needed.


As I’m not too much of a fan of the BSCB (boneless, skinless, chicken breast) I have to say this Sous Vide method is the prefect way to prepare this very popular yet often overcooked piece of poultry.The gentle cooking waters of the SV1 offers the very lean and tender breast of chicken the perfect environment to cook gently and thoroughly yet, never dry out.The added rendered chicken fat emphasizes the chicken flavor but if it’s not available or your a bit squeamish at the idea, feel free to substitute a infused oil like garlic or herb oil any good cooking oil, any rendered animal fat or butter.If you are using skinless breasts it’s a good idea of using a bit of fat so there is no issue with the chicken possibly sticking to the bag while cooking but if your using a skin on breast you can omit any fat as the skin will render out an appropriate amount of fat and add fla-vah ;-).

This recipe is barebones but if your wanting to up the flavor a bit feel free to brine the breasts ahead of time in your favorite concoction and/or season the breast with your favorite spice blend and give it a quick sear in a hot skillet using the same fat you used to originally cook it with. There is always the option of quickly finishing it outside on the grill slathered with you favorite barbecue sauce.

I have a wonderful, flavor packed Porcini and Chanterelle Mushroom sauce that is the perfect accompaniment to this barebones version.Both the Chicken and the sauce can be prepared days in advance after being properly chilled and stored.When its time to eat, simply reheat both the pouched chicken and sauce pouches in a preheated SV1 at 147F / 64C for 5-10 minutes or so and serve - crazy fast, crazy delicious!

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