Ditch Your New Year's Resolution with these Sweet Recipes

Many of us resolved to eat better this year. We're now in the third week of the year. and if you haven't cheated yet (congratulations) you've at least thought about it. January 18th is National Ditch your New Year's Resolution Day. To help you do it right, we've provided a few of our favorite dessert recipes, check them out below!

sous vide chocolate fondue

Chocolate Covered Anything Sous Vide Fondue

Fondue is a great way to get social and enjoy eating. Almost everything is covered in chocolate, so gather all your favorites (foods and people) and serve up some of this chocolate fondue. Store it in a vacuum sealed bag and it will be ready in a flash next time you need, or want it!
Crème Brulée with Myer Lemon and Vanilla Sous Vide

With the crispy caramelized sugar top, and the creamy base, it's hard not to love this classic European dessert. The sous vide technique makes it extra easy, and getting to use the blow torch to crisp the sugar is an added bonus. The tartness of the lemon pairs deliciously with a fresh fruit topping.  

sous vide creme brulee

sous vide chocolate pudding

Chocolate Maple Pudding Sous Vide

Achieve perfectly smooth pudding, with the help of sous vide. The precision temperature will make sure you get the perfect texture without any of the stress. Settle in with a cup of chocolate pudding, no shame if you go back for seconds. 

SpudNutz, They're Donuts Made From Potatoes!

I'm never really sure if donuts are breakfast or dessert, or more likely, dessert you can have for breakfast. Regardless, if you're looking to snap that new year's resolution, a delicious donut made from potato is a pretty solid place to start. 

sous vide spudnutz

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