Fresh Prepared Horseradish

Prepared horseradish meaning simply ground root simply seasoned with a bit of salt and vinegar is a culinary icon of the kitchen. Intensely hot, and aromatic it’s even better if you prepare it yourself.

It doesn’t take long and couldn’t be simpler but be warned the fumes from processing the root are intense and can cause extreme discomfort if you not in a well ventilated area and not directly inhaling the fumes. I know it sounds ominous but it’s true but it’s also well worth it!

Horseradish recipe image


• Ingredients for about 3 cups: you read this please in here

• 1 pound peeled, cubed fresh horseradish root

• cold water as needed (about 3/4 - 1 cup total)

• 1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt

• 1/3 cup white distilled vinegar

Horseradish recipe photo


1. Using a vegetable peeler or similar, thoroughly peel the horseradish root and trim the ends.

2. Cube the peeled horseradish into approximately 1/2 inch pieces

3. Using a food processor fitted with the chopping blade or a heavy-duty blender grind the root adding water as necessary to get the mixture fine enough.

4. At this point the fumes produced from the ground horseradish are very intense, and can cause discomfort to your eyes and nose if you’re not in a well-ventilated space, be very careful not to directly inhale the fumes.

5. Once your horseradish has been ground finely, add the salt and the vinegar.

6. Adding the vinegar immediately after grinding will produced the mildest version, the longer you wait the hotter the horseradish will become like to wait two or three minutes before adding the salt and vinegar.

7. Process for a minute or so to completely disperse the vinegar and salt adding any water as you feel necessary, until the horseradish is smooth, creamy.

8. Use immediately or vacuum pack for storage

9. Intensely hot, and aromatic