What is Chamber Technology?

When many people think of vacuum technology the first thing they think of is a vacuum cleaner. Logically then, when they think of vacuum sealing technology the suction sealer is top of mind. After all the suction sealer and the vacuum both literally suck, whether it is sucking dirt and dust off your floors and furniture or sucking the air out of a vacuum sealer bag/container. The suction sealer simply sucks the air out of the bag and seals it while in the vacuumed state; however, this can be problematic with any moisture or liquids. 

Chamber technology is different, first the air is removed from the entire chamber, keeping air pressure the same inside and outside of the bag, so everything inside stays put- then the container is sealed and the air rushes back into the chamber. Removing the sucking element allows you to very easily seal liquids. This makes chamber technology ideal for sous vide cooking, soups, stews, marinades, any liquids you would like to seal. 

To see chamber technology in action, vacuum sealing a bag of soup, check out the video below. ↓↓

This video was made using the VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer.

Chamber technology isn't just for commercial use in restaurants anymore; smaller, more affordable machines have made this technology possible for home use in the kitchen or for hunters and fishermen who process their own game.