6 Sous Vide Recipes to Try This Labor Day Weekend

Long weekends have a reputation for provide a great excuse to have a cookout. Getting a group of good people together to eat good food is bound to lead to a good time. If you're still looking for inspiration for what to make, here's what we'd recommend:

squealer sliders

1. Drunken Venison Squealers

What happens when you combine ground venison and ground bacon, and make a burger out of the meat? Magic, these burgers are delicious, instead of topping your traditional burger with a slice or two of bacon, you grind up the uncooked bacon and make it part of the burger patty.

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2. Juicy Lucy Stuffed with Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Morel, and Ramp "Velveeta"

Just like adding the bacon to the patty itself, putting the cheese on the inside is another way to jazz up your burger. The creaminess of this "Velveeta" makes sure each bite is oozing with flavor.

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Juicy Lucy

sous vide hamburger

3. Hamburgers Sous Vide with a Hint of Sweet and Blazing Heat

Burgers are one of the key menu options for any cookout, serve these sous vide burgers and everyone will be asking for your recipe. 

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4.Potato Salad with Eggs, Pickles, and White Cheddar Sous Vide

If you are in charge of preparing a side, potato salad is always a good direction to go, perfect for potlucks and cookouts, and a popular fan favorite. The pickles and white cheddar add some pleasant extra flavor. 

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Potato Salad

cherry chocolate icecream

5. Sweet Cherry & Chocolate Ice Cream Sous Vide

Ice cream is a summer dessert go to. Since many think of Labor Day as an unofficial end of summer, send the season off with a bowl of this tasty go to. This recipe includes both fruity and chocolate flavors to please everyone. 

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6. Fried Blueberry Pie with Root Beer Crust

Delicious on its own, or paired with some ice cream, fried hand pies will earn a spot in your taste buds heart if they haven't already. We don't know what we love more, the sweet blueberry filling or the crispy fried root beer crust. 

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fried blueberry pie

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