Simple Mashed Potatoes Sous Vide

sous vide mashed potatoes

Are you a meat and potatoes type? I know I sure am, and mashed top the list of my favorite ways to prepare potatoes. One of the best things about mashed potatoes is the versatility, there seems no end to the flavor variations of this classic side. I always like to start with my go to base recipe and add ingredients based on my mood, or what I'm serving them with. I love adding chives, and onions, cracked black pepper or any cheese I have around the house. I've had many people ask me, why sous vide, can't you just boil the potatoes on the stove and call it a day. Of course you can, but sous vide provides consistent cooking through the entire potato, and the "set and forget" feature of sous vide means I can do other things while they cook. Personally I like to get the little things like laundry and unloading the dishwasher out of the way while they cook, and of course I can make the rest of my meal as well. 

Here is my favorite go to mashed potato sous vide recipe. ↓↓


SV1 warming up

1. Set SV1 to 185°F

2. 4 baker potatoes (cubed)

3. Place in bag in a single layer, add butter (I did 3 cubes per bag)

4. Vacuum seal bags

vacuum sealed potatoes

5. When SV1 is ready, then place bags in water bath

6. Set timer to 1 hour and 30 mins

7. Once done, drain excess liquid from potatoes

8. Place in bowl and add about ¾ cup of Milk (I used whole milk)

9. Mash the potatoes

10. Enjoy!