Simple Sous Vide Recipes to Try this Year

By the end of the year, did you find yourself preparing the same few meals all the time? If you're looking to switch things up a bit in the new year, check out some of our favorite sous vide basics. Pick your favorite protein, sauce or seasoning, and side and you've got a meal. Throw these staples in your routine as a base to work from, and switch up the flavor with seasonings as your taste buds desire.   

sous vide carrots

How to Sous Vide the Perfect Side For Any Dish: Carrots!

Looking for a healthy side to keep your New Year's resolution in check? It's so easy to lose the wonderful sweetness of a carrot when you cook it, but sous vide helps makes sure your carrot is just as sweet cooked as it is raw. Finish with a little oil and some fresh herbs, and you've got the perfect side for whatever you're serving. 

Chicken Breast Sous Vide

It doesn't get more simple than the boneless, skinless, chicken breast. Sous vide makes preparing a few of this to toss in the freezer ridiculously simple. Grill or pan sear to finish, add your favorite sauce or seasoning, and you've got a meal. 

sous vide chicken breast

sous vide boneless pork loin

Seared Boneless Pork Loin Steak with a Fresh Mixed Herb Rub

Chicken isn't you're only option if you are looking for a lean protein to prepare, pork loin is another great option. Avoid sodium overload with the fresh mixed herb rub, or choose your own favorite seasoning. 
Chef Eric's Beef Tenderloin- Perfect for Sous Vide Cooking!

In the mood for some red meat? Sous vide is the perfect way to cook your beef evenly and perfectly. This beef tenderloin is a great start to putting together a satisfying meal. Flavor the meat however you prefer, add your favorite sides and you're set. 

sous vide beef tenderloin

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