Sous Vide Cooking with VacMaster

Vacuum sealing and sous vide cooking are two of our favorite things, and that works out well for us, since they go hand in hand. Sous vide translates to "under vacuum" which is exactly how you cook the food, under vacuum.

This first step is one of the most important to the whole process; the vacuum seal helps to ensure that the food cooks evenly in the water bath. Without the vacuum seal the air in the bag would cause the food to float, and if the whole food item is not submerged in the water, it will not cook evenly. Not to mention the air and water tight seal makes sure water does not enter, and flavors do not exit the bag. This leads to enhanced flavor and texture of the food you're cooking. 

Check out our new VacMaster sous vide video to see how the marriage between sous vide cooking and vacuum sealing can be used in your home, and make your meal prep easier. See the method used in both commercial and home kitchens, and hear chefs and home cooks alike share their experience and passion for the French cooking method. 

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