Turkey Breast Sous Vide with Maple Spice Blend

Sous vide is a wonderful way to prepare turkey breast that you can use in a wide variety of ways. Perfectly cooked, with great texture and unrivaled juiciness its one of the best ways to prepare this classic bird - period!


• 1 turkey breast, single or double lobe, skin on Maple Spice Rub

• 3-4 tablespoon olive oil, or as needed

maple spice seasoning blend


1. Preheat the VacMaster SV1 to 131°F/55°C

2. Using a can shaker or dredger dust the maple spice rub over the turkey breast generously coating all sides.

3. Carefully slide the breast in an appropriate sized VacMaster bag and using a VacMaster suction or chamber machine, vacuum seal the bag.

4. Carefully add the vacuum sealed turkey breast to the water bath of the SV1 and cook for 24 hours.

5. Due to the long cooking time and depending on your setup keep your eye on the water level due to evaporation and be ready to top off the water bath as necessary.

turkey breast sous vide image

6. Carefully remove the breast from the bag discarding the cooking liquid.

7. Pat the breast dry and add a light dusting of the spice rub if desired.

8. In a heavy bottomed cast iron skillet or similar heat to medium-high and add the olive oil.

9. Add breast, skin-side down, and sear the skin until well browned about a minute or two.

10. Using tongs flip the breast and sear the flesh side about another minute or two.

11. Remove from pan and serve immediately.

12. Alternatively, chill the breast and/or portion as needed and vacuum pack and store refrigerated or frozen.

Turkey breast sous vide photo