VacMaster at the SCA World Championship

VacMaster had a great time at the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) World Championship in Fort Worth, Texas! It's like the Super Bowl for steak grilling competition enthusiasts, with 85 teams from all over the globe firing up their grills to see who cooks the best steak. And guess what? VacMaster was right there, in the middle of all the sizzle!

Thursday: Hello, Texas!

We kicked things off on Thursday at the  River Ranch Stockyards. The red carpet was rolled out, literally. Brett Gallaway, a legend in the steak cooking community, signed autographs in his cookbook, “ Recipes from the Ranch”. We met lots of old and new friends, had a yummy dinner, and cheered during the awards ceremony. What a way to start!

Friday: Rain or Shine, The Grills Are Fine

Friday took us to the  Will Rogers Memorial Center. Talk about a wild weather day — it was rainy, windy, and chilly, but that didn't stop the grill masters. They were all huddled in their trailers, cooking up a storm.  B&B Charcoal cooked up fried oysters, pork, and some delicious dessert bars. Yum! The night ended with awards for the best side dishes and ribs. So much excitement!

Saturday: Steak Science

Saturday was all about getting those steaks just right. With even more rain! We saw contestants using  VacMaster's Sous Vide Circulator's before grilling their steaks to perfection. We even helped some teams, like the  Beef Boys Brackel from Germany, Bluebird Kitchen Smokehouse from Queensland, Australia, and Four Monkeys BBQ Rubs from Melbourne, Australia, by sealing their steaks with our  chamber vacuum sealer machine before they cooked them. It was like we were part of their team! That night, more awards were given out, and we found out who would be battling it out in the finals!

Sunday: All About Giving Back and Making Friends

The last day was super special. We gathered up all the practice steaks, sealed them up, and donated them to a charity called  Steaks 4 Sheepdogs. We even got to see 600 Razdogs being cooked and served by  Raz Braz! The evening wrapped up with the big awards ceremony, and guess what? Stacey Croft and Chris Lytle both won first place for their steaks.

Being at the SCA World Championship was a memorable event for us at  VacMaster. It was all about good food, great friends, and a whole lot of steak cooking action. Here's to more adventures and, of course, more delicious food!

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