VacMaster Vacuum Sealer Bags

Finding yourself a little lost in the bag section? We understand there are a lot of options, so we've put together a bag guide for our most popular chamber vacuum sealers. If you have a suction vacuum sealer, there is no need to worry–head right on over to our vacuum sealers bags and rolls.

With a chamber vacuum sealer, your bag options are relatively open. Chamber sealers can seal the full mesh bags, just like a suction machine can; however, they can also seal vacuum chamber pouches. First things first, what is the difference between a full mesh bag, and a chamber pouch?

A full mesh bag is lined with our patented mesh technology; the texture of the mesh allows a suction sealer to pull a vacuum on the bag. Chamber vacuum pouches are smoother in texture, as they do not require the mesh lining. A chamber vacuum sealer uses air pressure to remove the air from the chamber, rather than suck it out of the bag. Removing the mesh lining makes the pouches less expensive for us to manufacture, as well as for you to buy.

Use the bag guide to find the maximum pouch sizes for each of our top selling chamber vacuum machines. Your health and safety are important to us, so all of our vacuum seal bags are BPA free and meet FDA standards.