Let VacMaster Work the Bar for Your Next Summer Get Together

This is the perfect time of year to have a party. The warm weather allows you to take advantage of the outdoors instead of cramming everyone inside, you can take advantage of the barbecue and hang out with your guests while you grill.

Of course, your summer party won't be complete without a fully stocked bar. Prepare a menu using a few of our favorite sous vide beverages to impress your guests and quench their thirst. I know whenever I am heading to a party or hosting a group of people, I always turn to Chef Eric for inspiration. 


Negroni with Triple Sec and Lime

Perfect for a long night sitting out on the patio and chatting with friends. One or two of this potent gin treat are all you'll need, but enjoyed slowly they will last you all night. 
Recipe  here

Tart Cherry Infused Bourbon Honey Whiskey Sour

All the whiskey fans out there will enjoy this one. A flavorful twist on the go to whiskey sour. Keep a bottle of sous vide cherry infused bourbon handy all summer long. 

Recipe here.

Whiskey Sour   

Mint Julep

Mint Julep With a Bit of Lime

The Kentucky Derby and the rest of the triple crown may be over, but that doesn't mean you have to put away the Julep's until next year. Make it a stylish affair and serve a tray of these!

Recipe here

White Sangria with Fresh Peaches and Peach Infused Vodka

Keep something light and fruity behind the bar. We're all used to red sangria, but this white wine sangria is a refreshing treat. Garnish with fresh fruit to add texture and flavor. 

Recipe here



Margarita with Lime Infused Agave Tequila Sous Vide

We couldn't leave out the summer time classic, no party is complete without the Margaritas! The compressed watermelon garnish is optional, but we promise if you add it you will not regret it.
Recipe here
*Please remember to enjoy responsibly*