Meal Prep with Sous Vide Chicken

Save time and eat healthier by incorporating meal prep into your weekly routine. Preparing a meal can be time-consuming. I know by the time I get home most nights there isn’t time to cook dinner. Grabbing a quick bite on the way home adds up financially and takes a toll on one’s health.

That is why I have turned to meal planning and prep. It has made eating mindfully easier, and it fits in with my busy schedule. Sous vide is one of my favorite techniques to practice during meal prep because I can work on other things while my SV1 sous vide cooker works its magic. I often fall back on the sous vide chicken breast because of its versatility.

Whenever I see chicken at a good price, I stock up. With sous vide, you can easily cook up a bunch at once then vacuum seal and freeze the leftovers. Cooking it first makes it easy to thaw and use later, and vacuum sealing keeps it fresh and prevents freezer burn.

You may or may not want to season the chicken before you sous vide, depending on how you plan to use it. If you know what you’d like to make, go ahead and cook the chicken with the seasoning. If you just want to save it for later, add a little butter to the bag to prevent sticking and cook the chicken breast plain.

Once you’ve cooked the chicken, your meal prep options are unlimited. I like to make a big batch of one recipe; it saves me the most time, and I don’t mind eating the same thing every day. If you need variety, you can prepare smaller batches of different options during your prep time. Sunday morning is my go-to meal prep time.

Try adding your sous vide chicken to these meal prep dishes:

• Quinoa bowls

• Salads

• Rice

• Pasta/Rice Noodles