Mulled Cider with Maple Sous Vide

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Growing up in Michigan like much of the Eastern Heartland apple cider is THE drink of Fall. Whether it’s served cold, warm or hot it’s a tradition filled with memories of countless cider mills gone by that has stayed with me since childhood. I can’t imagine any apple producing region that doesn’t follow this seasonal tradition.
As good as freshly made apple cider is, “there is another,” my young Jedi. Mulled cider apparently gets its name from the word mull, which culinary speaking means to flavor a beverage by heating it and adding spices. Most believe our mulled cider recipes have come from our European cousins who enjoyed a kind of mulled cider called wassail, a much older drink historically made from roasted apples. In addition to those roasted apples a typical wassail would be mulled with ale or beer not to mention the additional shots of one’s favorite hooch from time to time.

Mulled Cider picture

As I have demonstrated numerous times before the sous vide method is a game changer in so many areas and when it comes to infusions or in this case mulling cider, “it’s da bomb.” By adding all of the ingredients to the bag and letting it lazily heat away in the SV1 every one of the spices and juices combines with the cider offering the most flavorful version of mulled cider possible. Make it in big batches and serve it hot or warm in pitchers or break it down into individual serving sizes in personal sized vacuum bags. I always like to have a spirit available especially when entertaining for those who enjoy their cider with a bit more passion. With all of those choices our Mulled Maple Cider sous vide can lubricate an army or is perfect for cozying up to an evening of binge watching Netflix by the mug full.

mulled cider ingredients


• 1/2-gallon apple cider

• 4–5 tablespoons maple sugar, or to taste

• 6 cloves, whole

• 3-4-star anise

• 1/4 nutmeg, finely grated into the pan

• 1 large cinnamon stick

• 1 large vanilla pod, split

• 1 large orange, juice and zest

• 2 whole tangerine juice, fresh

• bourbon, favorite brand, optional 


1. Preheat the SV1 to 135ºF/57ºC

2. Using the VacMaster Bag Filler and using appropriate sized VacMaster bag(s) add all of the ingredients.

3. Using a VacMaster Chamber machine vacuum seal the bag and agitate to break up the sugar then carefully place in the water bath of the SV1.

4. Cook the Mulled cider for 2 hours and up to 4 hours.

5. Carefully remove from water bath of the SV1, strain, and serve hot or warm with shots of the optional bourbon to taste if using. 

mulled cider sous vide