Sous Vide and Smoked Brisket

If you're a fan of barbecue, chances are you are no stranger to the brisket. While we typically think of the brisket prepared solely in the smoker, we find the mean best prepared through a combination of sous vide cooking, and the smoker. One of our guest bloggers shared their favorite sous vide and smoked brisket recipe, check it out below. 

sous vide and smoked brisket


• Brisket Flat, Trimmed 6 Pounds

• Mustard, Yellow ¼ cup

• Bent Burger Seasoning ¼ cup or as needed


• American Royal Beef Rub ¼ cup or as needed

• Pecan Wood or Wood of Choice As Needed

Method of Preparation:

1. Preheat smoker to 200°F using wood of choice.

2. Spread yellow mustard evenly covering all surfaces of brisket.

3. Evenly coat rubbed brisket with Bent Burger Seasoning or American Royal Beef Rub ensuring an even layer over all surfaces of brisket.

4. Place brisket in smoker for 2 hours.

5. While brisket is smoking, preheat water bath, using VacMaster  SV1 Immersion Circulator to 155°F.

6. Remove brisket from smoker and place in vacuum bag.

7. Using VacMaster  VP215 set at 30 seconds, vacuum seal bag.

8. Place brisket in water bath and set timer for 24 hours.

9. Remove brisket from water bath and allow to rest for 10 minutes.

10. Cut corner of bag and drain juices.

11. Remove brisket from bag, and place on cutting board.

12. Using sharp knife, slice brisket thinly against the grain.