VacMaster to Exhibit and Provide Demo's at the 2019 ISVA Sous Vide Summit

Kansas City, MO – July 9, 2019 – VacMaster®, a Kansas City based manufacturer, will showcase their line of products designed to take your sous vide technique to the next level at the Sous Vide Summit near Philadelphia PA at the Hilton Wilmington/Christina, July 19 th-21st. Come by the booth where VacMaster® will be serving food made using the sous vide technique prepared by Chef Eric Villegas. An award-winning Chef, restauranteur, radio and tv personality who has studied with Dr. Bruno Goussault at CREA and now brings culinary knowledge to the readers of VacMaster's Fresh Bites Blog.

Products to be Showcased

VacMaster215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Immersion Circulators

SOUS-Temperature Monitoring Kit

Chamber Bags

About VacMaster®

VacMaster® was founded in Kansas City by a team of experts from the meat processing industry more than 30 years ago. VacMaster® has been on the forefront of sous vide cooking, with the development of the SV1 immersion circulator more than 10 years ago. And they haven’t stopped. This year VacMaster® has introduced two new immersion circulators, the SV5 and SV10. In addition, VacMaster® has partnered with the tech savvy crew at iQKitchen to deliver HACCP Plans and the SOUS-Temperature Monitoring Kit to deliver food safety automation for commercial kitchens to deliver a comprehensive approach to sous vide.