Breaking Down Sous Vide Basics

Already popular in Europe, sous vide is growing in popularity in the United States. So far in 2017 we've seen Starbucks introduce their sous vide egg bites, and Electroluxe aquire precision cooker company Anova. Other large chains such as Panera, and, Chipotle among others have been using the technique for years. This is all great, but many people are still wondering what exactly sous vide is.

I like the way Chef Eric Villegas described it, when he broke down the difference between "sous vide" and "la cuisine sous vide". Sous vide itself is French for "under vacuum" and la cuisine sous vide is the process of cooking food under vacuum. 

There are a few US companies selling precision cookers, immersion circulators, and other products for the purpose of cooking sous vide. The interesting thing, is that many of these lack information on the importance of the vacuum seal to truly adhere to la cuisine sous vide, and to provide the best results.  

Here at VacMaster, our roots are in vacuum sealing technology, we've had decades to perfect it. The first step to accurately cooking sous vide, is to first ensure a proper vacuum seal. Then you can use our SV1 immersion circulator, sous vide cooker; to cook the food for the right amount of time, at the proper temperature. 

Using chamber vacuum sealing technology allows you to up your sous vide game. Chamber vacuum sealers can seal even wet and liquid foods, removing limitations set by suction technology. Take your vacuum sealing to the next level and discover the true beauty and power of sous vide cooking. From wet marinated meats, to soups and stews, chamber technology flawlessly vacuum seals it all. 

This method may be common in restaurants, but it is perfect for home use! Once the water reaches the right temperature, just place the food in the water bath, set the timer, and wait for your perfectly cooked food.