Dips and Sauces to Complete Your Meal

Choosing your protein is only the first step, next you've got to decide how to top it and what to serve with it! We put together a list including a few of our favorite dips and sauces from Chef Eric Villegas to help inspire your next meal. 

Sharp Cheddar Cheese Sauce Photo

Sharp Cheddar Cheese Sauce with Roasted Green & Chipotle Chilis Sous Vide

This cheese sauce works great as an appetizer or a side to dip your chips in. It is also great for drizzling over the top of nachos or enchiladas to help round out the meal. 
Chef Eric's Guacamole 

Just like the cheddar sauce, guacamole can be served an appetizer or a side as well as part of the meal. Put a dollop on your tacos to add an extra burst of fresh flavor. I like to mix some guacamole with my chicken before adding it to the taco shell, yum! 

Guacamole photo

Tomatillo Salsa photo

Tomatillo Salsa

Tomatillo is a great option instead of or in addition to your traditional tomato salsas. This dish will pair well with all of your south of the boarder favorites. Preparing this salsa sous vide really helps the flavors to mix together for a bold and delicious taste. 

Béarnaise Sous Vide

Add a little flare to your favorite protein. This classic Béarnaise pairs well with it all, from fish, to steak, even chicken. This is a great sauce to keep on hand vacuum sealed in the freezer, and used as needed. 

Sous Vide Béarnaise photo

Sous vide Marinara photo

Plum Tomato Marinara Sauce Sous Vide

If you're a fan of pizza, or Italian this marinara sauce will become a staple in your kitchen. Make your own homemade pizza, with the freshest tasting sauce, or go big with some chicken parmesan, this sauce goes with it all. 

Dulce de Leche Sous Vide

This is the perfect sauce to quench your sweet tooth. Sous vide dulce de leche is ideal with ice cream or candy for dessert, or waffles and pancakes at breakfast. Lucky for us this recipe made is crazy simple, and delicious too. 

Dulce de Leche Sous Vide photo

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