VacMaster's Three Vacuum Sealing Basics

There are many in's and out's, a lot you can learn about the world of vacuum sealing. Vacuum sealing, it sounds so simple, until you start trying to find the right machine for your lifestyle. This is when the questions start to come up; do I need a chamber sealer? What is a chamber sealer? I want to try sous vide cooking, do I need a vacuum sealer to do it? For VacMaster it really boils down to three main subjects:

1. Suction technology

Suction or external vacuum sealers are your basic vacuum sealer, great for simple jobs around the house. These sealers have been given the name "suction" because they use a pump to suck the air out of the bag creating a vacuum. This same suction that removes the air from the bag, will also suck liquid out too. If you want to use a suction sealer for liquids we recommend freezing them just long enough to eliminate the "liquid" state first. 

2. Chamber technology

Speaking of liquids, chamber technology is king when it comes to sealing them. A chamber vacuum sealer has a chamber that you place the bag you are sealing inside, and close the lid. The machine uses a pump to remove all the air from inside the chamber before sealing the bag, and letting all the air back in. Since air pressure is used, and not a suction mechanism, liquids remain safely inside your vacuum bag when the vacuum environment is created. Chamber units are ideal for sealing soups, stews, wet meats or anything else with liquid content. 

3. Sous vide technology

This French cooking method is growing in popularity here in the US. Sous vide translates to "under vacuum" because food is first vacuum sealed before cooking in a temperature controlled water bath. The combination of the vacuum seal and the precision of the sous vide machine immersion circulator leave you with perfectly cooked food every time. The method is popular in restaurants all over the US already, but more and more people are bringing this easy to use method home, and enjoying the results

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