VacMaster VP120 for All Your Holiday Needs

If you’re looking for an ideal chamber vacuum sealer to use during the holidays, the VacMaster VP120 is a versatile machine that provides excellent vacuum and sealing power.

This machine has everything you need to tackle your holiday storage, sealing, and baking needs. For a limited time, you can purchase the VacMaster VP120 for 25% off during the VacMaster Black Friday Week of Savings event, happening now. Added bonus - purchase the VP120 during this sale, you will get a FREE SV1 sous vide immersion circulator!

The VP120 is ideal for vacuum packing soups, stews, and sauces. If you hunt, it will keep your game and meat fresh longer. It will save you money by allowing you to package your foods in bulk and store them in the freeze for months.

A chamber vacuum sealer, such as the VP120, will allow you to vacuum seal liquids and liquid-rich foods. This brief video explains how to use your VP120.

The VP120 can be used to seal foods and liquids you want to prepare sous vide. Take advantage of your free SV1 immersion circulator and create wonderful sous vide recipes that will please your family and friends during holiday gatherings. The SV1 can also be used to create delicious holiday cocktails. To get you in the holiday spirit, here are two cocktail recipes from the VacMaster Fresh Bites Blogs that you might enjoy.

Candy Cane Cosmo Sous Vide Recipe   Mulled Cider with Maple Sous Vide Drink Recipe

If you are new to sous vide style cooking, here is how you can try it at home.

The VacMaster VP120 and SV1 are the perfect combination for you to create and store perfect holiday meals or drinks. Enjoy the savings during the Black Friday sale and the results you’ll get from it! 

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